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Speciality Blades And Knives For Printing & Packaging

Speciality Blades For Printing, Knives For Printing, Speciality Blades For Packaging, Knives For Packaging, Guillotine Knives, Trimmer Knives, Binding Knives, Stiching Knives, Perforation Knives, Sheet Cutter Knives, Mumbai, India.
  Guillotine Knives
  • Heavy duty trouble free operation .
  • Combined/cladded steel of tough unalloyed carrier inlaid with high tungsten tool steel edge.
  • Finely honed edges with no teeting & chipping problems.
  • Long intervals between resharpening
  • Sizes available compatible with most popular machines such as Perfecta, Polar, Maxima, Mandelli, Schnieder, Wohlenberg,Challange, Itoh, Goodhale, F.L. etc.
  Trimmer Knives
  • Three materail grade.
  • 1:5:10 advantage.
  • Most sizes available ex stock for Perfecta, Polar, Kolbus,Wohlengerg and other popular machines.
  • Ideal to reduce drag, draw and dust in your paper trimming.
  • Superior metal fusion and joining technique.
  • Optimally heat treated and precision ground.
  • Uniform cutting edge.
  • Trouble free operation.
  Binding and Stiching Knives
  • Veriety available ex stock for Macey, Harris, Muller Martini, Osako,Sheridon and other oppular machines.
  • Top & bottom material combination of high chrome, high speed steel and tungsten carbide inlays.
  • High efficiency, long endurance, seldom reset.
  Perforation Knives
  • Different tooth profiles suitable for most web offset machines.
  • Made on special purpose machines.
  • Serrated toothed knives.
  • Correct profile for effective perforation.
  • Long trouble free service.
  Sheet Cutter Knives
  • Single edge & four edge construction available.
  • Full alloy steel construction.
  • Inlaid steel blades.
  • Close tolerances from the back edge to cutting edge.

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