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Speciality Knives For Paper & Pulp Mills

Speciality Knives For Paper & Pulp Mills, Bottom Slitter Knives, Top Slitting Cutters Assemblies, Top Slitting Knife Assemblies, Multiple Bottom Slitting Knife Blocks, Simplex Sheet Cutters, Duplex Sheet Cutters, Pneumatic Holder, Mumbai, India
  Bottom Slitter Knives
  • Available in a host of shapes, sizes, varieties for unmatched performance.
  • Ring type, cup type & segmentals for heavy duty operation.
  • Compatible with most popular Indian or imported sheet cutters & rewinders.
  Top Slitting Cutters & Knife Assemblies
  • Special Tools & alloy steel construction, through hardened for optimum wear & long life.
  • Numerous shapes & sizes to suit all varieties of paper, foils, films etc.
  • Perfect dimentional stability & precision tolerances.
  Multiple Bottom Slitting Knife Blocks
  • Best quality steel construction in upto 480 mm dia with zero runout .
  • Suitable for high speed slitting due to perfect dynamic balancing.
  • Fine pitches upto 2.5 mm with single or double cutting edges are also available.
  Simplex / Duplex Sheet Cutters
  • Available in all sizes & sections upto 3.5 M in length.
  • Perfectly straight, sharp & honed cutting edges.
  • Available in full sheet cladded & alloy tipped construction.
  • Long life between regrinds.
  Pneumatic Holder
  • Single source for all kinds of knives in a pape miss

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