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Metal Shearing and Slitting

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Shearing Blades
  • Hot & cold shearing blades for thick & thin gauge materials.
  • Up to 3500 mm length in single segment with 25 mm shearing capacity.
  • Carefully selected tool and alloy steel, heat treated to perfection under stringent metallurgical control according to the end user.
  • High wear resistance & shear strength.
  • Sharp edges and superlative surface finishes.
  • Close tolerance & precise thickness & width parallelism.
Shearing Blades
Slitting Cutters
  • Manufactured from top quality forged tool and specially steels.
  • Optimally heat treated for high wear resistance & toughness.
  • Suitable for slitting ferrous, non-ferrous metals & also for stainless steel, CRGO etc.
  • Dimensional Stability & long life.
  • Thickness tolerances upto 0.002 mm & superb precision in flatness and parallelism.
Slitting Cutters

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